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Apathy in the body of Christ

July 19, 2017


What happens when we injure ourselves such as a sprained leg, broken ankle, pulled muscle, bruised hand? It all needs to heal. If we wear a cast and never take it off atrophy can set in. In the church system it is called apathy. We wonder why the body of Christ is not functioning as God intended. 


The gifts of God's Holy Spirit have become dormant due to controlled opposition. Rather than operating with our gifts, the controllers have silenced, bridled, tied up, hand cuffed the ability for God's sheep to move in their spiritual gifts. I don't want to put full blame on these false shepherds because the sheep have participated in their own apathy. They cannot see that God's people are not just in buildings made of sand but are living for His glory outside those four walls. 


The sheep are content to have a Luciferian pastor as their authority and life-line to God. Why can't they see the wolves? Their eyes of discernment are not functioning; they don't even test the spirits. Who would even dare lift their voice to the apostate preachers and leaders? 


Tongues are sealed and eyes closed to the wicked shepherds. Truth is not the highest measure, but rather a fun, social gathering where ranks are in place. They can call it church but it has no resemblance to the church Jesus is building. He is our cornerstone, not a name created by a sign company with logo engraved, planted on property owned by the pastor and others who are making mint off the sheep. Jesus went about His Father's business not the business of a money making temple. He destroyed that temple with his whip. 


So we wonder why there is no fellowship. The sheep have been told that fellowship can only happen with those under the guise of their roof. It is all controlled and God's true brides are not allowed to operate on their own accord. God's children have now become loyal to man's system rather than God Himself. I believe this is why it is rare to find true fellowship. 


It reminds me so much of those who wish to leave a false denomination but have such guilt upon their heads as if they betrayed God in the midst of leaving. How many truly want to be taught by God’s Holy Spirit? Is it not easier to plop in a comfy chair and listen to a man on a stage? Where do we find our value and worth? Is it among the ranks of teachers who have joined Babylon or is it in Christ alone?


I’m still going to ask God where are the believers who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. They are those who allow God’s Holy Spirit to teach them all things and do not listen to the voice of another.





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