Discernment, What is it?

July 24, 2017


We’ve heard these words…”I love my Pastor, he is so like Jesus.” I have to tell you my brothers and sisters there has been an influx of Luciferian and Masonic troops that have infiltrated multitudes of churches. I’m not just talking pew sitting, curse you under their breath types.


No these are the lead organization perpetrators that present themselves to be sheep but are dangerous wolves. I could post all the teachers and fake pastors with their masonic symbolism and horn hands but I won’t defile your souls with their prideful arrogance.


They gave away their souls to do what? Deceive the sheep for their utter destruction? What a great testament to a life well lived, the more evil, the more rewards from your luciferian master. Haven’t they read the word where he is out to steal, kill and destroy anyone and everyone?


Even if you get by with the 666 mark, those who have allegiance to Lucifer or satan as we in the Christian world call him, the wicked will have to stand before the Lord God and be judged under his wrath unless they have given their lives to Jesus before the mark. Make no mistake the mark seals your fate in hell.


Yes, they think the sheep are so dumb they don’t get it. Throw them some worthless scraps of satanic garble and the sheep will run to it. I’ve learned to spot them a mile away.


This is where discernment comes in. Even with the teaching videos I am posting on The-free-ecclesia I don’t always agree with some of their beliefs. So we need to be selective of what we swallow and what we don’t.


1 Corinthians 2:13-15 (KJV)

13 Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.


Discernment, what is it?


It is the ability to see what is true and what is a lie, what is evil and what is good, what is of the light and what is of the darkness, what is counterfeit and what is real, exposing deception, the wolves posing as angels of light and religious Pharisees parading their pride-like tassels. It is revealing evil flying in the face of truth.  


I wanted to add this one since it is so prevalent in our society…to identify the narcissists and abusers before we become their scapegoats. This is a whole other game that we don’t have to play ball in.


If you become the batter, the npd pitcher will aim right at your heart to knock you out, if you are the runner, the npd will set a trap along the way to your base, if you are an outfielder, the npd on your same team will tackle you to get the ball first. If you hit the home run and run all the bases the npd will tell everyone you cheated or they really ran across the fourth base to win the game. Among the grandstand they will find their cohorts to war against you even though you have done nothing to instigate their abuse. 


You can’t make them like you because they don’t even know what the word love means. They only know how to hate and destroy while laughing at their abused scapegoat. It is all entertainment for them. 


They present themselves to be docile, weak, timid, gentle souls but this is far from the truth. They love war, they want to fight, and they want their opponent bleeding on the ground to give them their victory dance. 


It doesn’t stop there; they must continue to make you bleed over and over again because it gives them strength to do so. They shrivel unless they can beat you time and time again. Their instrument of choice is usually a given pattern and when you realize their intent is to harm you, they will change the script so you cannot see what is coming.


This behavior goes beyond human, it is demonic. When all is said and done, they need to continue keeping you as their battered doll until there is no resemblance of a human heart. It has been carved masterfully at the npd’s delight.  


They are evil sick souls, given over to their own vile delusions. Lovers of themselves is their optimum goal for fulfillment. Sometimes when our appetite increases we need more and more. The npd will always need the ability to abuse, to retain domination and control. Their appetite to sustain their power is met by their demanding supply. This appetite to abuse increases when their scapegoat refuses to play their game. The npd becomes empty and needs to find someone to demean, humiliate, war against all for the pleasure of it. 


To the outside world they camouflage their evil intents rather they must appear like angelic beings. This is the deception carefully planned out so their behavior is never suspect.


Picture a wonderful and kind child being beaten time and time again but the parent hides the bruises with words like “What a misbehaved child I have. I don’t know what to do with them; they are so out of control.” 


The whole neighborhood hears about how awful her child is and they all begin to sympathize with this abusive parent.


Then this child walks to school, beaten and broken not understanding why they have been selected to be destroyed by their own parent. Along the way the neighbors just shake their heads, there goes that bad child. His poor mother has to put up with him. All the kids at school begin to hear about what a misfit this child is that lives in their neighborhood and they too begin to bully the child. The child didn’t deserve any of it, not one ounce of it but they became the scapegoat of their mother’s npd abuse.


Discernment needs clarity of heart and mind. God’s Holy Spirit gives the gift of discernment. When we live for Jesus nothing gets in the way of discerning what is true. 

We are not trusting in man, nor esteeming anyone or anything else above our Master. Our allegiance is not to an organization, corporation, religious system but to God alone. Our hearts are undivided therefore there is nothing that can alter our discernment. 


For if we love this world and the systems of this world we will not be able to discern when evil is staring us in the face. We will see that smiling pastor and say, “He is such a godly man”. And inside this man’s heart he is saying you dumb sheep, I curse you with the hand of satan. Please wake up church.


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