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July 27, 2017


You know how the longing in our hearts takes us in one direction or another. Well, my longing is to lead others to our Savior and to have fellowship with my brothers and sisters. Many have been out of “church” and are going it alone because of the corruption, deception, false pastors and teachers. 


This sometimes creates a lonely place knowing those in the Christian community wouldn’t understand why you don’t join them. You know the believers, but they refuse to accept the truth.


Was watching a video I will post about how we are to seek Jesus and not put our efforts into having a house church. His main theme was for God’s Holy Spirit to lead and not us trying to move things along. We need to seek after Jesus only. I agree with Him on this, but a few other doctrinal things I do not.


Well, the Lord had been prompting me to really share the Gospel with a person who was going to do some work at our home. This was the second meeting. What turned out to be a 30 minute discussion became over a 3 hour sharing of God’s word and that which His Holy Spirit wanted him to understand. His family background was involved with Shamanism to a great extent. This took us to a whole other needed area of sharing truth.


I brought him back to the place where God isn’t going to see whether you are good or bad to allow you into heaven. It’s the blood of Jesus and His Holy Spirit living in you that God is going to see. You can be the most evil thug or the most moral human being, but without Jesus it is all the same to God. 


You can’t offer God your riches either.

“See God how I’ve been blessed”, says the prosperity preacher with inflated breath and haughty eyes. God replies… those were not blessings but curses upon your life because you are a prideful and pompous person who could care less about the Kingdom of God or My Son.


Ezekiel 7:19 19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity.


Why do we need to adapt, conform, assimilate, fit in for our comfort and self-preservation? It wasn’t scary for the apostles to just step out of their boat and follow Jesus when He asked them to. They dropped everything. We always want to know what’s ahead. We are so used to controlled programs, approved Bible Studies, classes to identify us as having allegiance to a church corporation and leaders, many have become like robots. We can’t think for ourselves and we won’t let God’s Holy Spirit teach us either.


I am so glad we came out of the church system a long time ago as it is more and more run by masons and luciferians.


But this leads me to say I need to lean on Jesus. This lack of trust can lead us into a very dark place if we allow it. This is the key word, allow. 


We can’t be passive when it comes to being faced with doubt. We don’t give into it.


The Israelites were led in the desert and we see what God did for them all along the way. But it was minimalized in the eyes of faithless Israel. God proved He was faithful and all they could think of was their bellies and entertainment.


We can never get to this place brothers and sisters where we doubt God in any area of our lives, even for fellowship. This stirs in our hearts daily, to long for the love of the brethren where we gather together praising God but I’m not going to make it my theme. 


I just need to get out of the boat and follow Him that is all. And when I do, God brings fellowship and ministry to us as He did yesterday. The words of the Lord were among us in power, authority and truth. Every day we can experience His presence, His glory, His loving hand, if we ask…He will answer.


Jesus didn’t operate predictably and that is why the Pharisees hated Him so much. They couldn’t pin Him down and say, He is a Pharisee, He is a Sadducee. They wanted to put Him in a box with a title. You are a Baptist, Presbyterian, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic like Peter, JW, Mormon, Buddhist, Muslim, 7th day, Orthodox or any other religion on the face of this planet. 


Churches or so called campuses now have these catchy names when in fact behind the smoke screen they come from one of these man made religions.


Jesus didn’t tell everyone to start a home group; it was the outflow of being one with Jesus. It is Jesus living in all the believers, sharing His Spirit among them with gifts to operate according to the body of Christ. It wasn’t forced or controlled by man but by God’s Holy Spirit. Now many believers have been muzzled by these false leaders so they alone have control over the Lord’s bride to keep her silent.


God will not allow His church to be silent or the rocks will cry out! We need to be led of God’s Spirit to go about our Father’s business. And if He leads us into fellowship, ministry or any other purpose He may have then all praise goes to Him. 

I just need to keep telling myself…be still my soul, be still. Jesus loves His children and will never leave us as orphans. Bless you brothers and sisters!





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