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July 30, 2017





What does it really mean to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit? I’m not referring to Charismatic and Pentecostal viewpoints at all.


Our hearts have changed. We no longer desire the things that the world likes to do. It gives us no pleasure, nor enjoyment. We would rather worship the Lord, praise Him and exalt His name. Nothing else gives us more joy than to spend time with our Father. We seek out God’s Holy Spirit to teach us, we must hear from Him. If for some reason we feel we have grieved Him, we confess it not because we are guilty but because we love God and want to be one with Him at all times.


When we receive Jesus, we receive God’s Holy Spirit. He never leaves us. But what takes place is the world wants to take His place in our hearts so it pulls us away from His presence, changing our desires once again back to the world. Without the Spirit of God the flesh is driven by many things, the list is too great to count. As we become more like Christ, those things are foreign to us. It does not mean we cannot enjoy life but the life we now live, we live for the Lord.


We are not slaves to our flesh driven desires nor do we seek to fill our flesh when it seeks out satisfaction. People like to get high, high on anything like a drug. They can put God on a shelf for a later time for convenience sake. It is another world out there and if we are filled with God’s Holy Spirit it does not enter our minds to explore the nooks and crannies of darkness. We run from it and see no benefit from fueling our flesh. I do not want to sound pious or holier than thou because I am clearly not. I just desire a more fruitful life in Jesus because I know the world is a dead end place. It doesn’t lead to anything but the same path of depravity and futility, some deeper than others. Jesus didn’t die so that grace is abused by our nonchalant attitude towards His blood.


Being filled with God’s Holy Spirit gives us wisdom and understanding to know the heart of God. It strengthens our faith, rejoices with the Truth, delights in His presence, worships in adoration and exalts His name above everything else in our lives. It plants our feet right where He wants us, we are able to stand firm, know His compassion and goodness. Nothing else compares to being filled with God’s Holy Spirit.


So many things can drag us away from growing daily with Him. Our first love gets buried while we resurrect our focus in striving to please our flesh. Then life can be one big intoxicating drink to keep us happy.


When we experience the fullness of God’s Holy Spirit, our expedition to meet our hunger pain seizes.  The Lord Jesus crucified our flesh on the cross but because some believers have assimilated into a godless culture the line is not drawn in the sand. It gets more and more blurred as time goes on. God’s Holy Spirit becomes a distant voice that barely reaches one’s ears.


The flame that was once burning brightly is snuffed out by the fancies of life. It no longer brings the light into the darkness because the believer is walking in darkness. There is no room for God’s Holy Spirit to speak because of selfish defiance. The believer begins to think there is no value in following the voice of God as it is of no benefit to them. His voice does not follow the pathway they are on, instead of being led by their Shepherd.


God gives us the fullness of His Spirit once we are born again, but that fullness can be disregarded by our choices to lean on our flesh. I pray that we can stay in the Vine of the Lord and bear fruit the rest of our lives on earth and not miss out in experiencing the fullness of His Spirit. The harvest is there waiting and yet how many refuse to yield a crop.

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