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August 2, 2017


I want things to be different but I don’t want to change. Many just kick the can down the road and focus on external blame but in reality there is more internal work to be done spiritually. Why do we make decisions that end up being disastrous and yet do not claim any part of it? We leave God out of our lives then when trouble hits we declare our innocence in the matter.


Then our first line of defense is God throw me a life jacket and get me safely on land, but don’t think I will follow you from here. It’s our God of convenience when we need Him after we’ve dismissed Him from our lives. You’ve heard the phrase, “I got it handled.” Oh, yes you have it handled and will end up getting exactly what you wished for.


This is where the life jacket comes in. But one never stops to think that it was their personal choices that got them there in the first place. Deception begins with having a stubborn and rebellious heart. Then the blindfolds are tied and you really can’t see the true reality of things. The picture gets blurred and you get glimpses of what is happening but dismiss them for selfish motives.


Later on, the wallop comes when things just didn’t turn out the way you expected them to. When you are a believer, God will give you over to your desires if you continue to over-ride His will. If the reigns are what you want, then have at it, because sooner or later that horse will become a wild bucking stallion that will fight to throw you off. All the while you are trying to tame this animal into a docile old mare that takes you on paths by the ocean.


When we enter into the enemy’s territory we can expect to be deceived. God sends warning signs time and time again, but are we listening? When God says danger, He means it. We can’t overlook choices that have come against the Lord.


It is like putting together a quilt with your own design even though the Lord said I will give you the design and you will have a beautiful quilt. Then in pride the believer tells the Lord, no I can make a better quilt than You. Get your hands off my quilt.


In the end the quilt is not the quilt the believer expected it to be. Then the blame goes on the fabric maker and materials for providing such inferior products. How one soon forgets it was their own personal disobedience that got them their unsightly quilt in the first place.


Jesus is our Redeemer, but the issue here is how is anything going to change if a person’s heart doesn’t. When we make choices that God didn’t tell us to make, then we can’t point our finger in the face of everyone else and say they are to blame.


Until we get this right, we will continue finding ourselves in places needing a life preserver and calling upon the Lord to bail us out. This is a hard word and hard lesson but what is worse is finding ourselves in deep waters accusing the whales of dragging us there.


It’s that analogy…someone points out, “There is an elephant in the room.”  


“No there’s not”, responding in denial.


“Yes there is”, pleading with them to look.


“No, you are not telling the truth because I cannot see it.”  


“But it is about to stomp on your feet, please watch out!”


“You are making things up that are not there. You are just being an alarmist.”


“I warned you over and over again and you will not listen.”


“Ouch! Where did that elephant come from? I’m going to yell at the zoo keeper because he brought the elephant in the room when I wasn’t looking. I think my foot is broken.”


This is what happens when we live out our lives in defiance and denial while choosing to go against God’s will. There needs to be a heart change so the Lord can lead us out of Egypt.





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