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August 15, 2017



This thought came running through my mind...when was the last time your pastor or church leader set up an all church prayer service specifically to pray for salvation of friend's and family? And I'm not talking about controlled by the pastor where he is the only one that gets to pray through his prearranged list. I mean gathering in groups to pray fervently for your loved one's salvation. Why is this not important to those who claim to be shepherds of the sheep? This should be an on-going gathering where the entire church family meets. Some would say well that would not be interesting enough to draw a crowd making the tithe go that much shorter. 


I remember going to a church where the pastor told me that 10 minutes before a Wednesday night service was enough prayer and that we didn't need to pray more. REALLY? Later I found out the guy was a luciferian by his nifty horn hand presentations. 


If anyone is in an organized church system out there, ask your pastor to do an all church gathering to pray for salvation and see what they say. It usually is so controlled that each person is given a list to go through with the pastor and only the pastor gets to pray through it. This is not how God's Holy Spirit works. 


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