September 5, 2017


This is really getting under my skin, all this talk of let's go to war and kill all those North Koreans. First of all if there was really a hydrogen bomb that was detinated then Kim Jong Un would have televised it for the world to see, then laughed hysterically while the world watched in horror. He loves those military drills filmed on YouTube or whatever news channel he can get people to view. He wants to be in pictures and be the star of the show. So even if for some very odd reason he didn't want to show his hydrogen bomb to the world he surely would have shown the mess it made for global awareness of his massive strength. But no, there was none of that either. I'm just quite leery of seeing no proof of his bomb and everyone screaming go destroy North Korea with that insane man. It really makes me sick because its the war chant on everyone's lips to the point they can almost smell the cannon smoke. There are many of our soldiers stationed in South Korea. These are young women and men whose lives can be taken. Furthermore, with all this film technology how do we not know we are seeing film software which can create any catastrophe imaginable. This can become another Iraq, you know there are those weapons of mass destruction and we need to destroy that country and the evil dudes running wild. Let us think a bit more before we believe what we hear and what we see. 

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