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Ulchi-Freedom Guardian

September 9, 2017


I still don't see the proof of the hydrogen bomb and if there was proof it could be an assimilated computerized version of it. Everyone is up in arms about it and no one has seen any devastation it has produced or even the actual bomb being detonated. This would have been Jong's glorious moment for the world to see, but nothing went up in smoke on our screens.  


Now Kim Jong-un's going to get punished but all he did was say he did something bad and everyone believed him.


It's like grounding one of your sons for life because "he said" he broke the dining room chair. Well, there was no chair broken and the chair is in the same place. 


This may have provoked the situation a wee bit...


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Ulchi-Freedom Guardian (을지 프리덤 가디언, Eulji peulideom gadieon) is the name (as of 2015) of the military exercise previously known as Ulchi-Focus Lens, a combined military exercise between South Korea and the United States.


The exercise is the world's largest computerized command and control implementation, involving 50,000 South Korean troops alongside 17,500 U.S. troops in 2017, and mainly focuses on defending South Korea from a North Korean attack. The exercise was initiated in 1976 and is conducted annually during August or September. The word 'Ulchi' comes from the name of a famous Korean general called Eulji Mundeok, who was the Commander-In-Chief of the army of Goguryeo.


Reaction of North Korea[edit]

North Korea routinely denounces the exercise as preparation for war.


On 20 August 2012, the exercise began between South Korea and the United States over the objections of North Korea. North Korea alleged that the drill was a precursor to a war planned against them. 


The North Korean foreign ministry stated that "the prevailing situation requires us to bolster up the war deterrent physically and goes to prove that it was entirely just when we determined to fully reexamine the nuclear issue." Anti-war activists joined in, gathering outside the U.S. Army base in Seoul on to protest the drill.The United States Department of State countered, saying that North Korea must refrain from "bellicose statements."


General James D. Thurman, added on, stating that Ulchi Freedom Guardian is "a key exercise in strengthening the readiness of Republic of Korea and U.S. forces."


The 2017 exercise took place August 21-31,during a crisis over successful North Korean missile tests and strong rhetoric by U.S. President Trump. The U.S manpower contribution for the exercise was reduced from 25,000 in 2016 to 17,500.


South Korean media reported that the U.S. had cancelled plans to deploy strategic assets in the exercise, such as aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines or a B1 bomber.U.S. Forces Korea did not comment on the reason.


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