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Kim Jung-Un Speak Korean?

September 24, 2017



Kim Jung-Un gives Trump a strong warning...But

what was presented to us was a still picture of Jung-Un with no interpreter because we never heard him speak in his native language. If he is a leader of a nation he should be able to speak English or have an interpreter giving his speech directly to the nations. Why didn't he give his warning in a live setting, not in green screen as he usually does for entertainment. This time it was neither, just a picture with someone talking for him. Please no lip-syncing, I couldn't bear it.  


Why isn't someone questioning Jung's use of animated software and green screens? Is the U.S. going to go to war just because they believed what Jung was saying without proof or evidence? I hope there won't be any 9/11's popping up anywhere to play out this script because of "weapons of mass destruction." 


Jung will not be anywhere near North Korea if the U.S. begins the war games. His family and friends will be out of there and what will be left is a country destroyed and many killed. What would be accomplished? Nothing.

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