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September 25, 2017


I can relate to this video because of what happened to me. About 15 years ago my husband and I gave some outfits and sweaters to a person we know. I will call this person Jane. We have seen them worn throughout the years so the person made good use of them. One day my husband came home with a brand new box with an upscale name and said Jane gave me this to give to you as she said it wasn't her size. I thought, well maybe it was given to her as a gift and she was kind enough to pass it along. I opened the box and it was the clothes we had given her 15 years ago, stained, dirty and pilled. My husband decided to call Jane and I told him just to say thank you for the clothes and how thoughtful. Jane replied, "Well, I couldn't give it to my hired help so I wanted to give it to your wife and if she doesn't want them give it to the goodwill." I even went to the extent of writing her a thank you note saying how beautifully she had worn them throughout the years and I am so blessed to receive them. I was not going to respond in hurt because I knew this would please her most.


So this video is really pinpointing the fact that through the narcissists gift giving, they act out their intentions of degrading you. Funny that I have bought Jane so many outfits and gifts to show her how special she is and in return she wants me to know how worthless I am in her eyes. This is one of the many episodes throughout the years that Jane has inflicted on me, but now I am in no contact.


When I was visiting along with my husband, she would only introduce my husband and never me even though I was standing right beside him. I'm sure her neighbors thought who is his woman as they would be staring at me. This happened for two years. One time my husband did introduce me when she refused to. She was so upset that he did.


In the latest attempts to destroy me, Jane would call my husband and say his name and another woman's name and then say, "Oh, I am so sorry I forgot your wife's name." She did this a half a dozen times even being in the same car. It got to be an old script. She has known me for 29 years but forgot my name? She knows all her neighbor's first and last names. So you see how devious the narcissists can play their game. No contact for me was the best therapy that I could ever have.


You can't have a normal relationship with someone who wants to destroy you even though you have done everything to bless them in any way you can.



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