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November 28, 2017


I've seen them flip off the congregation before too.














Who are these men anyway? Oh yes, they call themselves pastors. They also like to do the L sign for Lucifer and six six six sign. I'm not even including all the masonic hand signs that these impostors do. Do you think evil gets darker or lighter? It gets darker and you don't even have to think about that one. Satan masquerades around as an angel of light. These men are evil to the core and believers can't even see any of it.


Why is it when I turn the pages of church videos I find hand signs that out do the sign language chart?


Tell me this…when do teachers revert to following Lucifer rather than Jesus?


Did they get the scriptures wrong to begin with? What didn’t they understand? This infestation is more like pestilence among the body of Christ.


Bats are not blind as some may think; they have been equipped with their own personal sonar system. Many believers have become blind and can’t hear God’s Holy Spirit warning them.


Our God given discernment should be our sonar system that works much better than that of a bat’s.


What will it take to open the eyes of born again Christians to see they have been led by Luciferians and Masons into a dark cave. Truth that is tainted with evil is poisonous to the soul.


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