December 3, 2017


STALEMATE AGAIN?  Can't we see that war isn't going to make anyone win? Kings and rulers go head to head but what is the battle really all about? Bloody wars are fought to keep everyone in check mate for lucrative reasons.


If it were for humanitarian causes we would be dropping food and resource supplies for countries we know are impoverished. How easy it would be to do this through national citizens of any country. 


Why punish a whole nation because some acting president or leader is playing a role for a global audience. When propaganda goes extreme you know it's just that. 


Kim Jung-Un has become the next best thing to the Beatles. He has a media cast that follows him around like a pop star. Women are screaming and crying with adoration, his military applauds in emotional frenzy like robotic toys in gushing idolization. 


This is movie madness that makes godzilla look like a rejected movie script. Have global audiences bought into the hyperbole of comic satire?



On another note...why does our media intend to degrade and debase the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?


What is their intent in creating

sensational stories airing as much dirty laundry to stench our souls ? So the world looks into this big screen called the TV set and all they know about America is that it is full of perverts. 




THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA media outlets have taken the print off of these tabloids and put them right up in our faces for full viewing. Is there no dignity left when it comes to pursuing unlawful behavior? Does it have to be dirty mud piles of trash unfit for human consumption?


Has the world become that tarnished like rusted cans left out in the rain? Have our brains become so conditioned that we accept such media proliferation like an unwanted solicitor that perpetually rings our number?



Why are they airing criminal behavior without going through the court system? I would think this exposure is contaminated evidence because a future jury has been saturated with propaganda from all sides. 


What we have heard and seen has been scripted to be more like a soap opera than a dignified country that stands on liberty and justice for all. Advertisers have hopped on board media conglomerates which have the most audiences. 


I hope godzilla does not find it's way to Hollywood. The competition would be too great to bear. By the way, their use of capital G is blasphemy. There is only one God and it is our Creator and Father in heaven.


The beast out of the sea...Revelation (KJV)13 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.






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