December 7, 2017


This is what I hope will not happen...but you have to read it to the end.


The story begins with United States declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Strange that God doesn't mention capital in the Bible only that He will move out the old Jerusalem with the new. So what is the battle really all about? 


Earthly Jerusalem has become a type of ant hill where if you stir it up you get a lot of action going on. Now that the reveling has escalated are we going to see the United States attacked by some unknown terrorist group?



Will our military radar system have a hiccup and fail to launch a missile against Darth invader? Are they going to say it broadsided us on the head or it was planned from the time of Trump's contemplative announcement? Was it a coup d'etat from within our own borders, with full armory and combat missiles? 


Who will we go to war with next? They are the villains who act out their script for a paid for TV audience. Will this go up in smoke when Youtuber's expose green screens, animated software and fake news?




I just hope that all this isn't the backlash of another political war to step up the game of monopoly. 



Pride comes before a fall and we have seen this in Rome. Some say Rome still exists, well it won't for long since we can only have one King and He is Jesus Christ.

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