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December 14, 2017


Focus is good if we are seeking God's will in it. Focus can be negative if we are the sole instrument of forging ahead with our own plans and agenda. This is called missing the target.


Focus should be on what God can do and not what we think He cannot do. How soon we forget He created the universe and mankind, so complex that it boggles our minds but stand in awe of how grandeur His creation is. 


What we aim for will either draw us closer to the Lord or away from Him. What is our target? Is it to be a reflection of Jesus or our own identity built upon our own pursuits. Is it tainted with opposing desires out of alignment with God's word?


The last thing an archer wants to do is miss the bull's eye. This is exactly what believers do when our focus gets off the main thing which is getting our eyes on God's will and not our own. 


There is no other way to focus on God than to be intentionally doing so. He wants a relationship with us. Running away from God is not a good idea; Jonah tried that and didn’t work out so well for him.


Once we enter into that sweet bond of fellowship with the Lord we never want to look back. It’s a move forward towards the right focus which is to seek the things above and not the things below. It’s a different world where heaven is filled with the glory of God’s light. This is where our hearts need to be.







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