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December 18, 2017




I had to write this short message of warning as it is heavily on my heart.


The infiltration continues to rise in Christian churches, unaware to most believers. There is no thought of wolves coming in to deceive let alone wolves that are pure luciferians. They have infected the body of Christ but no one is talking about it. Have the sheep been silenced through deception? I believe so.


Masons have taken over pulpits for years and do God’s children even see it? Is this what it means for God to give them a strong delusion because they failed to believe the truth? Higher level Masons worship Lucifer the bearer of light.


Satan will not come in boisterous and loud, evil and disgusting. He will present himself to be a believer, someone who talks like a Christian and represents himself to be one. The church body gloats over these type of men without testing to see whether they are of God. When you see horn hands flying all over the place and masonic signs galore you can’t help but say they are not children of God.


I don’t care what kind of Christian church any believer attends. I have found most and many have been contaminated. God’s Holy Spirit speaks to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear but many are not listening. When you hear a luciferian posing as a believer referring to God’s Holy Spirit they are talking about lucifer.


Don’t be deceived. I’ve known luciferians posing as Christians who horn right at you or use masonic hand signs. They read their Bibles for their duality. They believe lucifer is the light and satan is the darkness.


There is a different spirit in them and if you have any discernment you will hear God’s Holy Spirit warning you. Be a watchman over your souls and don’t get deceived. There is a world- wide spiritual battle going on and it’s not going to stop until the Lord Jesus reigns in the New Jerusalem.

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