December 19, 2017


This is usually an unconventional subject, never to be heard in most and many pulpits around the world. It’s just too far out and far- fetched in the realm of traditional Christianity. It doesn’t deliver a message of cheer in the midst of jokes sprouted from the mouth of jovial pastors.


To highlight a topic as such is so Avant-garde and foreign to bells chiming and choirs singing… taking us back to when things of such nature were never discussed in the open. Even with fog machines and high pitched guitars conversations of such order are tucked into some vault with lock and key.


How does one introduce a subject that most wouldn’t believe if you told them? I say know your enemy…you know why? Because they know everything about Christianity there is including the absolute knowledge of scripture. They are studiers of God’s word; they know it like the back of their hands. There is no language barrier when it comes to Christian conversations among them; they know every applicable scripture for dialogue. You would think you ran into Paul the apostle himself.


There is a fire burning within them, but it is not God’s Holy Spirit. It is to infiltrate and destroy everything about Christianity. This is what happened to the Israelites, they ended up mingling with the occult practices of the pagans around them even offering up their children to the god molech.


They will not come out and say I am a “Luciferian” and this is what I believe. They will not come out and say “I am a Freemason” and this is what I believe. Not at all, they come clothed in sheep’s clothing…so spotless, bright and innocent.


I have encountered many luciferians, a few close. It’s not only a sense that I felt even though God gives us spiritual discernment to weed out the tares so to speak. It is by their horn hands, occult signs or masonic signs. Not once, twice or thrice but multitude of times, even one confessing to their incognito state of affairs. I know some luciferian folk who read and study their Bible twice daily just to keep up on their enemy…their enemy being us.


I know multitudes of luciferian and/or masonic pastors who have infiltrated churches or churches that began this way from the start. Some had roots in witchcraft. One pastor in particular had a phenomenal gift of teaching that he made most pastors look like they were serving Pablum in their sermons. This pastor is a luciferian. He was good at horn hand language to promote his god. When God opens your eyes, He opens your eyes and there is no turning back.


I say know your enemy because they know us all too well, enough to deceive the mass of Christians they are intending to destroy. Holy Spirit and lucifer are one of the same for them. He is called the light bearer or great architect. Again, unless you open your eyes, you will become engulfed in luciferian deception. They have fleeced the flock in more ways than one.


We only have One true Light and this is Jesus Christ.


John 8:12 (KJV)

12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.


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