February 28, 2018


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Just a few of my comments on the article written in Russia Insider.


Why make Russia out to be the under dog where East meets West for or against Russia. I hope this isn't like the East-West Shrine game where Russia is pinned as the referee for shouting the bad calls against the West. 


When you look at articles, tourism is at an all time high in Russia and it is rated number 9 in global destinations so it can’t be all that bad. People love it there even though your toes could freeze like popsicles. 


In 2016 there were 24,571 tourists flocking to Russia according to It doesn't look like a feud is bubbling up and troubling Russia. Why go back to the Civil War days such as the war between the North and the South. You can't lump everyone into a consensus taken among a few liberals and conservatives. 


I know Russia has orthodox churches but don’t know how friendly they are to born again Christians. We know China has tortured them and have state run churches that you must register to attend. Almost like here in the West where you can join a church and become a member. At this time it is optional.  So glad Jesus never required us to be members of any church because we are already members of the body of Christ.


The Bible is God’s written word. You can’t obtain your own salvation by working for it. Many orthodox religions believe you work your way to heaven by performing certain sacraments or just being good people. Jesus already paid your sin debt on the cross and now you just have to believe it. Why would He suffer a gruesome death, shed His blood if He wants us to earn our way to heaven. It is not by works that we are saved but by the grace of God.  


Ephesians 2:8-9 (KJV) For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.


Then you have the other side of the spectrum where communism says there is no God. 


Psalm 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.


The other comment I want to make is God loves all people. He isn't discriminatory against different ethnic groups. He created man and woman to populate the earth. God came to wash this earth in the days of Noah. Why? Because of the extreme violence and hatred in people's hearts. Let's not go there again, rather let us give our lives to a Savior who was the perfect Lamb and living sacrifice to take away our sins. Just believe it.




Europe Is Now Divided Between Russophobic West and Russophilic East

In a few years Russophobia has relocated from Eastern Europe to Western. The more liberal, SJW countries in the west have a bigger distaste for Russia than its historic rival Poland, to say nothing of Russophilic countries across the Balkans and Central Europe

Anatoly Karlin


Strange patterns, at first glance. Even just a few years ago, this map would have been unrecognizable, with East European countries viewing Russia with relatively greater hostility than Western Europe.

So what changed?


Well, what I suspect happened is a European version of the return of conservative Russophilia in the United States. As crusty Cold Warriors die off and the USSR retreats into deep history, we are seeing the reemergence of 19th century attitudes towards Russia, when it was hated as the “gendarme of Europe” by liberals and – if not exactly liked, then at least approached cool-headedly – by conservatives.


Essentially, the East Europeans who dislike Russia tend to dislike it for tribal, nationalist reasons, not religious (progressivism) ones like Sweden Yes [15%].


As one Twitter user mischievously noted, there is now a minor Hajnal effect toRussophilia (or more precisely, the lack of strongly ideological Russophobia).


Another obvious pattern is that Orthodox countries tend to view Russia positively. This is not too surprising, since as I pointed out in a PEW poll a few months ago, majorities in all major the Orthodox nations except Ukraine look to Russia to protect Orthodox abroad and even to counter the influence of the West (amazingly, this even describes Romania [47%], which has traditionally had very poor relations with Russia – possibly the worst of any country outside the Baltics).

But Orthodoxy per se doesn’t explain everything.


There is very considerable Russophilia throughout the entire Balkans, including in Croatia [50%] and Slovenia [49%], and in the Visegrad nations.


Moreover, even there, the conservatism/Russophilia associations tend to hold more often than not: For instance, conservative Slovakia [50%] is far more pro-Russian than liberal Czechia [31%]. Poland is slightly less favorable [27%], but still, the fact that it is now ahead of the major European nations like Germany [20%], France [20%], and the UK [24%] is an amazing development, considering that Poland in general, and Polish conservatives in particular, have traditionally had strongly anti-Russian attitudes.


However, I suspect the Baltics are false friends. Since a quarter of Estonia’s [34%] and Latvia’s [46%] population are Russians who largely remain more loyal to Russia, in practice Latvian Latvians’ approval of Russia would probably be around 25%, and Estonia’s at 15%. Since there relatively few Russians in Lithuania [39%], however, Lithuanian Lithuanians’ approval of Russia should be somewhere around 30-35%. Consequently, even in the Baltics, the correlations still hold: Estonia is the most progressive, secular, and SWPL of the Baltic states, while Lithuania is the most religious and conservative.


Source: The Unz Review






















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