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March 1, 2018


I was hesitant to talk about the Russia gate fiasco propaganda. First of all Trump always tooted that he was going to build up our military and make it stronger, better and greater than ever before. So if Russia did put two cents into the minds of intelligent American opinionated people then Russia just invested into their own country’s potential conflict and demise.


Does this make sense? This is not even a penny’s worth of logic. Trump blasted his horn with military grandeur so the American public could march right along side of his proposed plans.


Did the Russian techie’s all sit in front of their TV’s and say hey this guy Trump is a war machine, let’s give to his cause. But let’s think about this for a moment guys..it could impact our Russia if Trump wants to build more missiles in countries around us. Oh, who cares, let’s go for it and hit the marketing campaign so he can win. We all like his hair right? He’s very much presidential. Our first ad should be buy Donald Trump’s hair gel. Guaranteed to hold for days. Then we can get into more serious stuff. Trump, a man of steel and war, Russia’s future threat.


Some eyebrows were raised in question, "What If we get caught, what's our alibi?"


I have a perfect solution my brilliant comrades,  let’s tell the democrats. They’ll be all over this like flies. Trump will smell like the rogue defector and we will come out unscathed. The only negative impact is we’ve planted this notorious seed that we are still an enemy of the U.S. But this grants our favor to build more military weapons in case the U.S. or other countries invade us. 


Dazed and glossy eyed the Russian techies enjoy their most delectable and delicious bite of advertising decadence. We get Trump voted in and he turns on us like a Rottweiler. Each swallow became more and more palatable as they enjoyed each other's ingenuity. 


What if there is retaliation, how do we counter the American public booing us? Rejection is a very painful experience but what other recourse do we have? 


You need not worry my fellow brainiacs, Trump becomes our fall guy, the one who wants to build a colossal military and weaponry empire. I wonder if Russia should build more interceptors?


Scratching their heads one techie scrambles for words, "Don't you think we should tell Putin we pulled a prank on the American people?"


Ah, no...he'll think it's absurd and the American people are too smart to buy into it. He'll find out when the missiles hit the fan. Oh, yeah then we can blame the lobbyist for fueling the fire. 










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