March 3, 2018


Will the media gush or retaliate by gnashing their teeth over Putin’s speech? Well according Doctorow (reminds me of being in Orwellian times..or are we past that stage?) Russia is expecting a mass frenzy of talkers in the Western media.
 “That's an important point isn't it Gilbert because even Alexei Pushkov, he's a member of Russia's Federal Council, when he spoke to us just not long ago he said look we expect an hysterical reaction from the Western media over...” (end of excerpt)

I like the word hysterical better than frenzy. Frenzy is more like a text blast sale on shoes and the whole city of shoppers gather in wall to wall clusters waiting for their turn at the register.


Hysteria is more like a mind set. You’ve jumped out of your skin and become this uncontained and uncontrollable emotional tornado that has no ability to come down to earth. Your brain runs to and fro like an engine that's lost it's ability to brake or turn the ignition off.


Are we all going to be told to hide under our desks while the school siren blares fear and torment into the hearts of knocking knees and pounding hearts?


Why are we mad at Russia again...so mad with fury that the U. S. wants to engage in war. How did Russia step on our toes and dig in their heels? They must have been 10" stilettos and caused some major damage. 


I’d like to see some bullet points and not missiles on why our government hates Russia. I know all Americans don’t hate Russia and I’m sure the Russian people don’t all hate Americans. They love Americans because we increase their tourist revenue.


So why not sit down and interview our military generals and ask them what Russia has done to us here in the United States of America? Then take every government member and ask do you hate Russia why or why not? Then recommend an anger management class so things get under control.


How about a book that reads how to resolve national conflicts by the art of the deal. I see this one coming out of the press for President Trump. The ink will not have run dry when they fly off the stands.


I wonder if there are many American companies in Russia? Do they have American lobbyist’s who want more funding for their American/Russian corporations?


I haven’t seen Putin eating a MacDonald’s hamburger yet but maybe he sneaks one in privately with his KGB staff. He possibly could be vegan keeping in shape for Jujitsu. 

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