March 19, 2018



God doesn't see miracles as being miracles. Nothing is impossible with Him. When He created the universe, it wasn't a miracle for Him. When He formed us from the earth, it wasn't a miracle for Him. When He said let us make man in our image, it wasn't a miracle for Him. When He formed every living thing, it wasn't a miracle for Him including the air we breathe, the lungs we have, the heart that keeps us going. 


These are miracles for us because God is greater than we can ever imagine and yet He shows us His greatness through all these things He has created and does. Nothing is impossible. 


So when we ask God to answer our prayers remember they may seem like miracles to us, but it is a delight for God to do so because He loves us. 


When a team of football players get on the field no one knows what their plays will be. The other team has to be on the offensive or defensive depending on the plays. They in fact have to guess what the others are going to do to get that ball down that field.


God already knows all the plays and where the ball is meant to go. He doesn't have to guess at anything or be surprised if it doesn't go as planned. He intercepts each and every time to move in the hearts of His people to direct, guide and lead them on the straight and narrow path, to be transformed on the Potter's Wheel. It is up to us to stay on that path and not go the way of the world or stay on the Potter's Wheel. If we don't, we can surely know that it will turn into a foul play that gets us no where but penalties. Do we really want to go back to the start and begin all over again to get it right?







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