March 22, 2018


I don’t think having mutual conversations, discussions, opinions and disagreements is raising the white flag. A white flag is when a nation or civilization surrenders to an enemy. The U. S. Is not surrendering anything because it is a sovereign nation and is not going to stagger into being a Russian ruled oligarchy. 


I wrote a post as if I was speaking to Putin himself and said if he was smart he would gather all his intelligent aficionados and have an informative discussion on why we all should not all go to war.


This would set in motion a catastrophic global war because U.S. has allies and Russia does too such as China and other nations. You could see such rage skyrocketing with missiles coming from N.Korea, Iran, Syria, Turkey, China along with a few others.


Trade such as importing and exporting would come to a halt, economies would fail and plunge. The world would be declared a disaster zone and there would be no one to help but God alone. As He sees the violence upon the earth will He deliver or will He leave men to their own devises. The earth and its inhabitants would probably be sealed by its own devastation due to hearts that have grown thermostatically frozen in hatred, rage, covetousness and greed.


Does that really matter when minds have been given over to the abyss as demonic entities play roulette with their seared consciences?


Humanity will look more like insanity but the narcissist in the mirror will gloat over their devious thoughts and ways. It’s the sweet tooth of destruction they crave and long for. It doesn’t matter how they get it, the more wicked the plot the more satisfied they become.


After the demolition of the earth succeeds they properly wipe their mouths with a nicely creased napkin and say what was that all about, such a terrible crisis has occurred and I feel such sorrow and sadness. We must stand together and be united and spread the love while their victims lie in prepared and prearranged coffins. 


Russia Insider

US Raises White Flag, Wants Talks With Russia Over Arms Race

When you are 10 years behind behind the competition, making a deal is probably your best move ...

Gilbert Doctorow


One can say with certainty that Vladimir Putin’s presentation of Russia’s new weapons systems during his Address to the Federal Assembly on 1 March has finally elicited the desired response from its target audience in Washington, D.C.  In that presentation, Putin spoke about strategic weapons systems employing cutting-edge technology that, he claimed, is more than a decade ahead of US and other competition.


He scored a direct hit in the Pentagon, where our senior generals were left dumbfounded. But, as is normally the case, when these gentlemen need time to collect their wits, we heard first only denial: that the Russians were bluffing, that they really have nothing ready, that these are only projects, and that the US already has all of the same, but is holding it back in reserve.


Of course, not everyone in US political elites bought into this stop-gap response.

On 8 March, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D- California), Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and two lesser known Senators from Massachusetts and Oregon wrote an open letter to then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urging him to send a delegation to open arms control talks with the Russians “as soon as possible.”  


This was an improbable demarche that even their supporters in the Progressive camp, let alone mainstream Democrats found hard to believe. The two named Senators have been bitter foes of Russia and were actively promoting the Trump Collusion with Russia fairy tale in recent months.


They were among those who had hissed at the pictures of Jeff Sessions, not yet Attorney General, shaking hands and smiling with Russian Ambassador Kislyak.  Now they were calling for revival of arms control talks with… the Russians.


This was a story that died before publication everywhere except in Russia, where it had been a featured news item within hours of the Letter’s release.  The American and world public knew nothing about it, although the letter was there for the reading on the home pages of the Senate websites of the respective co-authors.


The American and world public know nothing about that letter today, nearly two weeks after its release, apart from readers of Consortium News and Russia Insider who were properly briefed at the time in this article by myself and Ray McGovern. 


In the meantime, the US propaganda machine moved into high gear, producing diversionary issues to draw the attention of the US public away from what had been the subject of Putin’s speech of March 1.  And so we have been getting saturation news coverage of the Skripal nerve gas attack, of the alleged cyber attack on the US energy grid and water systems.


Both are pure “Russians did it” stories.  And we read about the repositioning of US naval forces in the Mediterranean to within cruise-missile range of Damascus for a possible punitive blow in response to a chemical attack on civilians by Assad’s regime that still has not happened, all with intent to humiliate Assad’s backers, the Russians.


Now, at last, after the denial and the diversion, the truth begins to emerge. The President of the United States himself is the bearer of a message that, given American hubris, amounts to the raising of a white flag. 


We find the following on page one of The New York Times describing Trump’s remarks about his phone call to congratulate Vladimir Putin on his electoral victory:


"We had a very good call,” Mr. Trump told reporters. “We will probably be meeting in the not-too distant future to discuss the arms race, which is getting out of control.”


The Financial Times has this to say on page one:

Donald Trump said he wanted to meet Russian president Vladimir Putin to discuss an arms race that was ‘getting out of control’ and other issues over which the countries remain at loggersheads.

‘Being in an arms race is not a great thing,’ the US president said on Tuesday, adding that he would probably meet his Russian counterpart in the ‘not too distant future’.


The re-instatement of Russian strategic parity with the United States appears to be making itself felt, even if one has to be an expert in reading between the lines to parse from Trump’s statement the depth of concern about new Russian military potential.


It is a safe assumption that now arms talks with the Russians will begin soon. But the American public should be forewarned that the scope of  the discussions will surely be much greater than that of the so-called reset under Barack Obama, which played to an American, not a Russian wish list of cutting the numbers of warheads.


This broader agenda will have to take into account Russian concerns about the US global anti-missile system. Should there be agreement, the change in approach to arms control will come not from US charity, but out of US fear.


Did Donald Trump raise the white flag and call for negotiations on a whim?  Did he consult with his military advisers?


It is scarcely credible that this President came to the conclusion about the need to halt the arms race on his own or that he dared raise such an inflammatory subject without having the firm backing of Pentagon specialists who evaluated rationally and expertly where we now stand in strategic security with the Russians. No one will say this, but it is inescapable. 


To put the present situation in an historical context: in the past year or two, the United States and Russia have reached a level of confrontation that approaches that of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  That crisis was resolved by mutual back-downs on positioning of nuclear capable missiles near the borders of the other side. 


The mutuality of the solution was not announced to the American public until decades later, when the withdrawal of US missiles from Turkey was made public.  This time, the mutuality of major concessions will necessarily be part of the presentation of any solution reached to the global community.  Vladimir Putin will not go the way of Nikita Khrushchev, who paid for his “concession” to the Americans by a palace coup at home.













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