April 16, 2018


I wanted to share that I had time away from my blog because a family member just passed away. Isn't it so important to live out our lives for the Lord. Nothing else really matters much at then end of your life. If we can say our relationship with Jesus was powerful, sweet, more precious than anything on earth we can enter eternity with such joy as we will be with Him forever.


If one is running from Him, one day there will be no more running and each person will have to face Him. How much better it would be to see the face of Jesus and say I can't wait to spend eternity praising you!  


As I am writing this there is a festival going on with music that sounds like it is summoning demons. Thousands attend to hear and it is very demonic. I am praying that each person attending will get saved because their conscience is so defiled by it that they want out!



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