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April 24, 2018


Sometimes I see too many hand signs in other videos of people that I may post. God's Holy Spirit gives us discernment even though a preacher or teacher may seem articulate, knowledgeable, truth telling but God's Holy Spirit says test the spirits.


We are living in times where many have been deceived and have never tested to see whether these teachers are from God or plants. Having a seminary degree doesn't make a person born again. Growing up in a Christian home doesn't make one born again. Only God's Holy Spirit can do that. 


We don't want to believe that our favorite teacher could be a minister of darkness clothed as a an angel of light. It's pretty obvious these days with all the hand signs but sometimes we dismiss them because we like what the teacher is preaching. Don't ever dismiss what you see and pay attention so that you can see it in the first place. God's Holy Spirit will speak into your heart and give you discernment. 


If you have never asked for the gift of discernment, ask now so that deception does not take root and you are not given to every wind of doctrine or even deceived by the anti-Christ. The plants are so knowledgeable in scripture that many are unaware of what is taking place. Don't be led astray by these false teachers. Real shepherds don't use horn or masonic signs and boast of false teachers.

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