May 7, 2018



The narc is very much like a magician practicing sorcery. They have many moves up their sleeve because they dream and think consistently about what they can do next to knock their victim off a ladder or anywhere else they can survive. They need to be able to get back up and get in the rink for the narc's pleasure. It's the greatest amusement for them. Their dopamine high comes from seeing the pain inflicted on their target, it creates an elated sense of euphoria. The opposite is true when they see their target happy and content...it makes them miserable with infernal rage to the point of madness. They are also master bowlers and they see you as pins. You can't figure out why you keep getting knocked down when they keep asking you to put the pins back in place. The victim gladly obliges believing things are going to be set back in place like a broken arm that was reset into its proper position. Life will be redeemed once again, the pins are propped up and neatly lined in an orderly manner. This game of bowling continues on and on because the narc  knows how to create the mean sweet cycle of abuse so the abused person doesn't realize what is going on. They are trained to fetch the pins (your heart, mind and soul) to put the pieces back together forgetting that the ball will begin rolling down the lane to once again hit you square in the face.

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