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May 9, 2018


 Tickets are fabricated to get the best seats in the house. Front row seats are arranged for prestige members who frequent this on-going play that never ends. They are the grandstand cheerleaders of the house who stand by their narcissists, imploding with a belly full of laughs and satisfaction over the victim’s cascade of tears.



This fun house theater is fully scripted by all the narcissists of the world and their flying monkeys. Life becomes a stage for them while they look for their victims in the audience. Once they find their supply, the script comes alive as they fling blame, curses, insults, scolding, defamation, invalidation, taunting, provoking, mocking and manipulation

 These cravings of the evil narcissist hold their anorexia together until they devour and binge on a willing soul.


You wonder… why buy a ticket to the same theater at the expense of your sanity, well-being and quality of life? Well the answer is because during the play all the narcissists on stage can turn their demeanor on a dime. Rather than being ruthless beasts they become the king and queen of kindness dripping with honey to flavor any malignant crime done to your character and individuality.




So once again, the scapegoats are fooled by their own virtuous heart to believe evil does not perpetually run amuck forever. This would be typified as a human savage, barbaric, brutal and unrestrained madness to inflict such atrocities.


So the honeycomb script ends with projectile vomiting that feel more like missiles aimed at your heart. It so happens this ship is called the destroyer.




While you are trying to figure out the mystery plot in the play the narcissists is already on to their next act of terrorism. Their favorite go to performance is to hand you a band-aid while you are bleeding to death. They desire profiting from their supply so they rather you live while exploiting and capitalizing from their greatest work; to conquer, control, subdue and crush their victim into fine particles of nothingness.



They believe you only have one master and that is them. So when you decide to sit in a theater to watch a play with narcissists on stage don’t be surprised if they begin their lines with accusations tossed your way. It’s their favorite dialogue among themselves so they can all stand together in one accord, engaging their flying monkeys in the audience.




Flying monkeys are those who enable the narcissists to do what they do and approve of their behavior. They are then ones who turn on you like an axle on a car, the gossip mongers of the narcissist world.


If you start feeling uncomfortable in your seat from all the evil rhetoric, you may just want to jolt out of the theater and not be a participant. Being whipped with such vulgar and malicious execution is not fit for any human consumption.





Is it worth a few moments of the narcissist’s baiting to draw you back into their degenerate and heinous ways? Taste and see that the Lord is good. You don’t have to savor all the flavors of the evil narcissist. They have layers and layers of it and there is no end in sight to their hell driven performance.


Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.


A scapegoat will always be defined and targeted in their presence. The ones who have a heart full of compassion, mercy and forgiveness.




Those that can not fathom such profound wickedness existing in the souls of mankind. Maybe a rabies infested animal like a raccoon or skunk but not a human being.




Foaming at the mouth seems to fit the narcissist but they are clever sick demons who know when to wipe the spit away to show the world how exceptional they are. Such a fine demonstration of showmanship, charming and bewitching their audience in sighs of adoration.


The curtain is drawn up once again and the scapegoat is glued to their seat anticipating a new script; confectionery delectables, satisfying and rewarding, easy to swallow without gagging on noxious words to criminalize your role as the victim. They fraudulently fabricate to promote their hidden agenda which is to create treachery and depredation against you for no reason at all.




DEPREDATION: The act of preying upon or plundering; robbery; ravage.



I Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:


PLUNDERING: to ransack your soul, emotions and your mind. To take wrongfully, as by pillage, robbery or fraud.




Don’t let the devil steal who God made you to be…priceless in His sight, worthy to die for on the cross, precious and loved by Him. You don’t have to pay for a theater seat to watch actors scream at you and call you names. Sprint out of that theater and say to yourself I refuse to be your scapegoat and will no longer be sitting in your revolting plays.


God gave you value and worth, the devil is trying to steal it away...don't let him.



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