May 16, 2018



Once upon a time there were two birds, one named Grumpy and the other Grouchy. They were like two brothers, united, always like-minded and together for one purpose…to complain and be as miserable as possible. If it suits them, others must join in their misery too.




The little squirrels who watched Grumpy and Grouchy day after day just couldn’t understand why there was always a dark cloud looming over Grumpy and Grouchy. Everywhere these birds flew, the cloud seemed to follow… blocking the glorious sunshine of the day.




The squirrels would sit in wonder as these two birds always squawked and squawked night and day even though the sky was blue and the flowers were in full bloom. Couldn’t Grumpy and Grouchy see the beauty around them? Why didn’t they just bask in the warm sunlight and delight in their ability to soar over mountains? Nothing would be impossible if they only believed.



Grumpy once again engaged in cantankerous complaining, “What’s with all these owls hooting in the night, howling dogs and whimpering and moaning cats? Can’t they see I am trying to sleep!” Grouchy chimes in, “We were here first and there is no reason on earth they should be here. We need to peck them out of existence!”






The clock turns and the dawn begins to break. Grouchy is awakened by the squirrels hunting for nuts on a tree. One nut falls on him. “Those disgusting creatures are add it again!” Grumpy agrees, “They are the most obnoxious and annoying things on planet earth!”




Grouchy replies, “Let’s makes sure we get in our portion of mockery today. We need to demonstrate our outrage, discontentment, resentment, bitterness, impatience, murmuring, temper and show everyone how displeased we are.



We are Grouchy, we are Grumpy. We must not allow anyone to forget... that without us life would be peaceful and pleasant, full of happiness and joy. That can’t happen, not on our watch! Let’s be critical to the core to drive all the creatures away then we can sit in our own wretchedness. Good idea Grouchy. I’m with you on that one.




Then one day two other animals decided to join them. One was called Spiny and the other Whiny. Spiny was a porcupine who loved to jab others and Whiny the pig never stopped complaining, life was like sour milk. So they all joined together like a happy family except their lives were miserable and they loved it so.




The end

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