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May 22, 2018


Today I had a glitch in my Christianity. While standing at the meat counter (I'm vegan, hubby not) I obtained a number to be in line. I was told they would be with me in a minute.


On the other end of the deli counter were customers waiting for their orders while the employee was preparing.


So while waiting on my end I mentioned the one thing I needed so the employee would be prepared in advanced. The next number came and the person was helped on the other end. No other customers were on my side of the deli.


The deli person who was standing on my end asked what number are you and I told him, which was one down from the next. He said I'll help you. 


In my mind I justified taking my place a head of the next in line because I just needed a half a pound of something, nothing more...nothing less. And after all the person said they would help me. This is where I went off the right road.


Regardless of being offered help I should have said, no the person having the next number should be helped. 


So the lesson learned is do the right thing regardless if you have to wait 10 minutes more. I could have shopped around the store for a bit. 


It really is about regarding our neighbor more highly than ourselves. The world already is engaged in selfishness. The narcissists have invaded our planet from another world (per say). The galaxy of evil predators who take the life and soul of any human being they can. We don't want to be one or two steps away from having a narcissistic personality who never thinks of others, only themselves. 


I've asked God's forgiveness for thinking of my own needs rather than what was right. I prayed a blessing upon that person who had to wait a bit longer because of my impatience. 


What all this boils down to is "my time" is more valuable than "your time". Such a stinky notion as to think we are worth anything apart from the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

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