June 9, 2018


There is another trick they do...When operating in the mean-sweet cycle, their sweet could sound like this...I love that blue dress you are wearing. You begin to feel affirmed and your guard is down. Then that same dress you wear on another day...The narc looks with disapproval, "Oh you are wearing that dress again?" So it's the same affect as the double bind but with a different method. Both methods bring about the narc's true intent, which is to never allow their victim to feel affirmed, approved, accepted, loved and valued. This enables the narc to have full control over the emotions of their victim so they are ensnared by toxic abuse. No matter what the narc is going to say, it will be toxic even though they are operating in the sweet cycle. If you take a bottle of poison and fill it with clear spring water, it's still going to be poison. Best not to drink it and hope for the best.

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