June 18, 2018


Narcissists can only live in chaos and messes. If they see a soul in order they will attempt to put it in disarray so that they create an avenue and opportunity for blame and shame. Such as "See, you are never in a good mood". Or for children, "That was a stupid thing to do, can't you ever do anything right?" And yet they are the ones to create the friction and avalanche of crazy making in order to make the other person(s) guilty and condemned. It's a fun game for them to play because in their strategies they end up getting what they want which is to make you hurt, miserable, condemned, helpless and hopeless. They are always pointing the finger away from themselves even though they are intentionally stirring up the dust storm. Their goal is to always make you feel like you can never measure up no matter how hard you try. We are not meant to act like a dog performing tricks for it's master just for our treat. The narc is a cruel master. They are miserable and want everyone else to be miserable with them. The only joy a narcissist feels is when they cause you pain which is like putting ointment on their sick souls.

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