June 21, 2018


We only have one Lord and Master and that is Jesus Christ. 

The narcissist wants us to feel like we are backed up in a corner like the prey of a lion. They force you into a cave where you can’t see the light of day neither can others see what is really taking place. They operate in darkness so the evidence of abuse is neatly nestled and tucked away, hidden from the outside world.


When the lion goes out on the prowl, the prey of the narcissist is programmed to stay in the cave because the lion will soon return and the consequence of escaping would be too great to bear. The lion returns with a catch of the day to feed you and you feel that the lion is now your friend and no longer your enemy. But no sooner you take your last bite the lion begins to roar revealing fangs that are out for blood. You crawl back in your corner and shrink into a cocoon to make yourself invisible so the attacks are not so fierce. But the paws of the lion are swinging fiercely in every direction so you begin to tremor in fear. You are programmed to think you are caught in a trap, held hostage emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.


A lion represents the evil one, satan himself. Jesus your only Lord and Master has set you free.


There was a movie called the 10 commandments in 2005. One of the lines went like this, “A slave is always happy to bend their back to get beaten to put a couple of rags on it or to get  a couple of scraps of food. The Israelite says to Moses, “I don’t want to be a slave!” Then Moses replies, “Then start acting like a freeman. Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you and take care of yourself.” 

What doesn’t belong to the victim of the narcissist? The abuse given to them. We have been set free and do not have to come under bondage. The narcissist wants to be our lord and Master and their slave to be beaten on our backs. The Israelites had others bring them their hay to make the bricks but Moses stirred Pharaoh up when he asked that the Israelites be released into freedom. What did the Pharaoh do? He said now the Israelites will have to gather their own hay to make the bricks.


The narcissist is nothing but a cruel task Master to keep you thinking like a slave. They beat you down over and over until you are this willing slave attempting to please them at all cost. But this never happens because their whole agenda is to keep you enslaved to their lash of the tongue.


They use their words like a poisonous whip and actions to manipulate your entire thought process. Your mind becomes a programmed circuit board that rehashes every event and word the narcissist says and does. Your world doesn’t exist anymore- just the world of the narcissist. 


Every time you attempt to see the light of day out from your cave the narcissist hoovers you back into the cave where they can have total control over your emotional well being. They make themselves out to be the wizard of oz and when you pull the curtain back you find this weak, timid and fearful speck of a person. 

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