June 22, 2018


Narcissists find ways to provoke you. One way is Gaslighting. They just drum up stuff to emotionally disrupt your stability and peace. To provoke: aggravate, offend, irritate, exasperate, insult, upset, perturb, anger, bait, embitter,  egg on,  stir up. They are like mad scientists who try everything and anything to get their explosion just right. Then they can glee over their results and watch the fireworks explode before their eyes. They know exactly how this experiment works because they do it time and time again but maybe with a different formula, Gaslighting is one of them. When the fumes from their vial starts foaming they know they have created just the right potion. It's not about truth, it is about provoking for supply, control, mockery and ridicule. You can give the best sermon of the century to a narcissist time and time again but they are never intending to listen or take heed to what you are saying. It's about your world becoming morphed into their world so you have no life.

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