June 23, 2018


Esther didn’t realize she had a higher calling. Esther an orphan completely dependent upon her uncle finds herself in a Persian palace just because she is beautiful. This was the lower calling of the king and his attendants. They just wanted to please the king and make him happy.


How did Esther respond to being separated from her Uncle and all that she knew as a child growing up. Did she walk out of her house with her head up high because she knew she was beautiful or did she have a much different spirit. I think she had a much different spirit. She trusted in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. How much trust did she have? More than we can ever imagine.


She had to go into a culture unknown and live with the prepartory girls for introduction to the Persian King all for his liking. These beauty treatments would go on for a whole year. Esther had no idea what God had planned. She could have become bitter or resentful for being yanked from her culture and people, but she wasn’t.


God’s higher calling overrode the lower calling of the Persian empire. Through Esther God saved the Jewish people. One young woman was used to spare all the descendants of Abraham. This was God’s higher calling. She was not afraid to step out because she trusted in God. Her Uncle was also a great mentor as he said don’t think you will be spared if you don’t do anything about it. (Esther 4:13) Esther took heed. What a woman of God!



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