July 7, 2018






Meet Israel's 'electronic eye on the sky' to take down terror kites


Close to 100 days since the first incendiary kite was launched from the Gaza Strip toward Israel causing fires to ravage the south, the IDF has deployed a system that can spot incendiary aerial devices launched from the Gaza Strip, track them and direct firefighters to where they land.

“Since its deployment, Sky Spotter has helped detect and track dozens of terror kites and incendiary balloons that have been flown from the Gaza Strip into Israel,” read a statement by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems provided to The Jerusalem Post.

Sky Spotter is an advanced Passive Early Warning system that includes sensitive optical sensors with command and control software for real-time monitoring of the sky and allows operators to identify objects from one kilometer to tens of kilometers away.

The primary source of input of the Sky Spotter system is the FLIR Wide Field of View (WFOV) sensor, which persistently monitors the landscape within its field of view, day and night. Any object that disrupts the constant scenery would be detected by the system, which then uses a set of image processing algorithms that can determine what the object is.

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