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August 9, 2018


Everything the narcissist does is shrouded in deception. Their true character, nature, behavior is covered in a blanket of snow concealed under frozen rivers of ice. When the sun comes out to shine it begins melting away the facade. You can see the ice begin to crack and separate.



The true reality of the narcissist nature begins looking more like a swamp infested lagoon rather than a fresh water stream. Everything is about deception.



They want you to believe you are a piece of worthless trash, disposable at any given time. They want you to think you are less than a human being because you have never measured up to their expectations. They want you to submit to their tyrannical behavior to dominate, control and abuse you for their amusement and supply.



In order for you to believe the worst about yourself they have to demean and degrade you. This is all for the intent to deceive. Their gamut of lies is for effortless manipulation to control your mind.


They bring cause and in turn bring the effect. It’s like training a dog to fetch. You will be constantly defending yourself and if you are not willing to accept who they really are, you will find yourself in emotional pain and trauma. You will be to blame in every given situation therefore relieving them of every vile deed they commit.


If you attempt to fix the situation and make them understand how they have hurt you, they will throw it back in your face and have a good laugh about it.


Evil is all about the hidden things of darkness to destroy everything in its path. When the snow and ice melts what you find is that the narcissist is like an empty pot filled with demonic entities in pursuit of taking away the lives they hate. They deceive, then devour and consume the soul that is full of life. 



They dip themselves in honey so they are not exposed to all. Their schemes must be hidden to make others sympathize and have pity on them while they are the ones victimizing their targets. 


Many believe they are the kindest and sweetest on planet earth but in reality they are the most ruthless abusers of mankind. They know how to hide their hideous acts while masking and morphing into a descent human being. This deception is their ultimate performance while their abused victims suffer in silence.


I do not doubt that these creatures of the underworld are filled with hell itself provoking them to do evil. And for the narcissist it is a pleasure to do so and join hands with the devil himself.



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