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October 5, 2018


The saying misery loves company and the narcissist is the most miserable. The only way they can get a happy pill is by continuous barrage of verbal and emotional battering.


It's like they are filled up with this venom and they have to spit it out like a snake otherwise the poison eats them up alive with acidity. They continuously fill up their tank with toxic thoughts, ploys and manipulations to unload their misery unto others.


They are masters of antagonism creating a hostile environment for them to indulge in their feast of berating, condemnation, accusations, scolding and pleasurable moments when their victim engages in conflict with them.


Defeating their target once is not the intent of the narcissist, it is the beginning of the season and there is no playoff.  Their venom is spewed out while their fangs continue to bite into every ounce of the heart and mind. When the innocent party emerges from the suffocating battle they are brought into a state of confusion and torment with what actually happened.


Questions materialize from a state of shock, disorientation, distressing thoughts, a need to resolve and defend oneself. This is checkmate for the narcissist.  The narc has destroyed their own personal conscience as to what is right and wrong, all they care about is that you are wrong for breathing, existing, being a kind and loving person.


Miserable master manipulators want you to be one with them not to be equal but to be their slave to abuse. 

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