October 14, 2018

Last night I was laying down praying. I was asking the Lord to speak to me really loud and clear so I could hear His voice. In a matter of seconds there was a big boom of thunder. I said that is my Lord! He is powerful and mighty. Then came more booming thunder and lightening, lots of it. I applied that to my life. The devil wants to intimidate us and cause us to fear and shrink back in our faith. He wants to make his roar sound bigger than God’s. That is never going to happen. In the book of revelation it may look like he is winning but he is not. We overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and our testimony. Jesus defeated him at the cross and before the beginning of time.  So when we feel like we can’t hear the voice of God...remember the thunder that shook up the skies and the lightening that flashed across the sky. Our God is great!!!!

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