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October 20, 2018


Was watching this video and this came to mind...


The reason the narc loves to put you down is because they know who you really are...which is a genuine kind, loving, thoughtful and giving person. They are not. Their intent is always evil, yours is not. So of course they are going to raise the bar every time you attempt to please them to brainwash you into thinking you are not this lovable person. They want to transform your mind into thinking you are defective. And furthermore you have the privilege of being scrutinized for your performance by them because they are perfect. It's like a dubious used car sales man trying to sell you a heap of junk and insisting you buy it until you become so nauseated and beaten down you agree to pay for it. You push it down the road and every imaginable noise begins to happen. Your mind tells you well this is all I deserve because I too am like a heap of junk as the salesman (narc) said. That heap of junk is all the criminal and mind twisting verbal and emotional attacks of the narcissist. You carry it with you because you bought it.  They want you to have a junk yard full of their abuse and to store it away in your every thought to remind yourself how defective you are. The whole point is they want you to believe everything they do and say against you because they themselves could never be the awesome person you are. 

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