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October 23, 2018


I think the whole goal of the narc is to make you think you need fixing not them. So they pretend to be perfect while they peg you as the imperfect pathetic human being that needs to introspect and CONSUME all your flaws and deficiencies.


So even if you attempt to be their counselor, preacher, social worker, psychiatrist it's all turned back on you and you are the one needing repair. It's a manipulation tactic of the narcissist to remain unscathed while any attempt on your part to "fix" or address their insidious ways bounces off of them and onto you. Most of your time will be spent on how to correct your personal behavior in order to please them, be accepted and validated.


When a victim is in this cycle of abuse they doubt and question themselves over and over because they have been brainwashed by the narcissist to believe everything is their fault and they are the ones needing fixing. This is the biggest lie anyone can SWALLOW.

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