November 18, 2018


A narcissist is known for their prize winning attempts to disrespect others at all costs. They see the human race as servants waiting for their commands while they sit on their throne. The narcissist must elevate themselves at all times above everyone else. So if you happen to outwit them, outsmart them, be your beautiful self they will begin their attack to bring you down under their feet. They always have to be on top of their game, the winner, the best, the controller of all. Any threat to their status as a king or queen will mean they will use any and all armory to destroy you. Some are anxious to rise higher so you must go lower (smear campaigns). If we already know our position, value, worth and identity then we don't have to get entangled with the narcissist's game of devaluation. The narc obviously does not like their value, worth or identity because their whole life is about trying to seize and maintain it by evil maneuvers against the human race. They love a divided army...one devoted to them even to the death (flying monkeys). The narcissist's enemies would be those who would stand up for themselves and not be assimilated into the narc's army. (get ready for the smear campaigns) In the narc's kingdom they have slaves (scapegoats) to serve the narc's purposes to remind the narc how important they are.


I think sometimes we project our good onto others while they have no intent on projecting good. So those with bigger hearts tend to be open hearted and don't realize before it's too late that the person they are associating or communicating with has no intent to do the same. Usually a self centered person first examines to see if you have anything to offer them such as status, similar habits and hobbies or if you are cold as they are. Narcissist''s can mirror those they deem worthy to use. We need to come into relationships or acquaintances with a bit of caution before we give of who we are. It's a tough one because loving people always want to give and don't think others can be manipulative, mean, abusive, gossipers, slanderers and malicious. So triggers can happen because we don't expect people to take on a self serving attitude or behavior. If we have a trigger that is because we experienced something that hurt us in some way. Now we know we have value and worth and don't have to give our hearts away to those who will abuse them or act as if we are worthless, inferior or insignificant. They are the kind of people we don't want in our lives because our hearts deserve more. It is rare but genuine loving and caring people are out there and if we do find them, it is like finding a gem in a pile of rubbish. That is when they become like treasures in our lives.

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