December 8, 2018



The first thing the narcissist has on their mind is to knock you off your firm foundation. Which is everything you know to be true about you. They are aching to see you grovel to prove yourself to those who will believe them. That is proof to them that they have turned your world upside down. Who we are will always have a trail behind us whether either evil or good. No one can deny the good because there is evidence and proof. If they do deny it, it is because they love to gossip along with the narcissist which gives them a feeling of superiority. The narcissist knows when you are leaving their world behind because you no longer want to be their puppet on a string. They are more afraid of being exposed then a person who has done no wrong. Eventually the piles of people who join with the narcissist will have to live with their miserable selves because you have left on your cruise ship and are sailing off to a place of peace, happiness and rest. They will have nothing to feed on except gossip and slander which will corrode them internally rusting away like tin cans left out in the rain.

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