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December 18, 2018


Unfortunately her next video is new age and occult driven. I won't be recommending her videos as she voids out the power of God to heal.


You are on target with your video. The car episodes are classic. We also have to remember normal people don't plan or scheme out their diabolical scripts in advance. This is why the narc seems so clever in their manipulations and attacks.


The narcissist is always going to be your enemy no matter what. Even if they pretend to be your friend like you are their golden child; they are just using you in their pawn game. So they know one thing for sure and that is you are going to be happy and they are not. So their full intent is to destroy your happiness. This takes strategy and a plan of action but it cannot disclose who they really are to others.


When the next holiday hits they are ready, armed and fully equipped to carry out their evil plot. They already have adjustments in the cue in case things aren't working out as planned. The victim role is their cushion to make others feel pity and sorry for them while you become the villain in their class act.


The best thing to do is be yourself regardless of how others see you. Our self worth is measured not by other people's acceptance or approval. It is measured by God who loves us more than anything therefore having self worth is not gained by the external but by the internal knowledge of who we are.

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