February 2, 2019


Narcissists want to pour all their negative emotions into you so you become toxified. They are like a steam kettle ready to burst boiling water and if they don't they feel like exploding inside or turning into a puddle of nothingness.


But it is not to do justice but injustice. It is not to be merciful but to be merciless and it is not to be loving but ruthless. This actually gives them a serotonin high as they experience the height of control, domination, manipulation and full blown pleasure of hurting someone. The Bible says the heart is deceitfully wicked but who can understand it. This is where the flood came in.


But a normal human being does not plan out someone’s demise just for the fun of it. It is also very difficult for a child growing up in that environment and functioning as an adult. They will either mimic the behavior of a narcissistic parent because that was acceptable or become a full fledged narcissist.


Typically they are wrenched in fear and insecurities. Everyone is to blame and they operate in opposition and defense mode. They imagine being on a battlefield and everyone is their enemy. If they charm you and you buy into it, you get to be on their platoon but will always stay a subservient.


Conversations can be controlled by rage or anger not normal speaking tones with proper communication. Their goal and aim is never to allow a person their freedom of thought, ideas, opinions and personal convictions to ever be validated or respected. This disqualifies you to be a real human being while turning you into a programmable robot that can be manipulated by the sound of their voice or actions.


They hate happy and loving people, they are a stench to them. The narcissist will manipulate you into believing you are their best friend. The real motive is to destroy your happiness by chipping away at the core of your being while satisfying a continuous hunger for power and propagating evil.


I also note that we can't have our guard down just because someone seems so nice. Once you've been through a narcissist circus of sorts you have to stay aware of your surroundings. Does not mean you can't be yourself, just a reminder of the red flags you can't dismiss.

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