March 22, 2019


A narcissist is like an ingrown toe nail. They want you to bleed, be in pain, always know they are embedded in your mind causing grief, anxiety, turmoil and confusion. They want you to become apart of them so you have no identity of your own causing you to depend upon them to be a whole person, fulfilled and happy. But this is far from the truth. They trick you into believing this is the case, but turn on you from being a kitten to a saber tooth tiger.


You see them like a cat crouching low watching their next prey, slowly advancing strategically as to not scare their next meal. The cat says to the mouse, I'll be your friend. You need some cheese, I'll go get you some cheese. The mouse replies, "What a nice cat. I'll make this cat my friend." So the cat every day gets this mouse some cheese and soon the mouse depends upon the cat for their next meal.



The mouse truly believes this cat is the best cat ever to come along. The cat sees the mouse with defenses down and begins to plot it's demise. "I'll add a bit of poison each time the mouse takes a bite, just a little as to not kill them, just enough to make them sick." Well the mouse has no clue and just eats the cheese, but as time goes on the mouse starts wondering if the cheese is bad or the cat is bad.


But oh the cheese is so good and they have learned to depend upon the cheese for their happiness. The mouse decides it's worth the cheese to get sick and feel awful. The cat eventually swallows up the mouse whole without a fight.





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