April 3, 2019





If this preacher was that clueless and gave up all his boundaries then I would be very concerned for his spiritual maturity and discernment. He previously drifted away from the Lord because a Godly man would have his spiritual radars on and seen the whole thing coming. He was stupid because of his willful disobedience, refusing to listen to God's Holy Spirit now and before. His wife was just catching him in the act. Furthermore he could have been a Jezebel narcissist himself parading himself in front of his wife while flirting with a strange woman. He knew the woman was coming on to him and knew his wife was getting angry watching his display of charm and charisma. He loved the attention of both. He played dumb, the victim, the innocent one. This entitled him to manipulate his wife as she endured his repulsive behavior. "I'm the preacher man with a fan club open to women".


I'm not in support of this man's teaching as he teaches tongues is being baptized in God's Holy Spirit and not speaking in different languages like God's word says. But this video makes a good point about the narcissist.

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