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April 11, 2019


I had a dream years ago. I remember being in a room filing something in a cabinet. I turned around and saw a small snake and thought oh it's small, it won't bite. I tried to lift the cabinet and squash it. I turned away for a minute and looked again. It had become this 10' tall snake with a gigantic head. I then woke up.


My analogy was if you have something in your life that resembles evil in nature, don't brush it aside thinking it's going to go away. Evil begets more evil and evil doesn't get better, it gets worse especially if you feed it with your will and emotions. We can brush aside hurting comments, caustic remarks, an arrogant look of superiority, a disdainful demeanor, screaming and yelling, intimidation, bullying, mockery, plots of destruction and division, accusations, condemnations, invalidation, mental and emotional abuses 24/7.


We can erase them from our minds just to have an ounce of love from the narcissist. The narcissist will never give pure love, it will be mixed with poison. So many settle for that ounce of fake love mixed with poison and forget their life is full of value and worth. The narcissist knows this and that is why they want to destroy your self worth.



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