April 25, 2019


A ship is anchored to the dock so it won't drift at sea. What or who we anchor our lives to will determine the stability of our minds, emotions and will. If we anchor our emotions or thoughts to a narcissist abuser or any type of emotional vampire we will drift into their world of inflicted pain. If we refuse to anchor our thoughts and emotions to the evil world of narcissists we stay anchored knowing that their torrential waves and storms cannot affect us.


Isn't it like the narcissist to throw out bait to draw you into their deep dark waters of hatred,, bitterness, envy and wicked schemes. Once a person loses sight of their anchor every type of ploy will be used to pull you out into unknown waters. Through perpetual evil attempts they want to bring you into a state of fear, anxiety and submission. Once you are there the waves begin to rise higher and higher.


It was a sunny day so you thought. Your boat was floating on a sea of glass, smooth as ice.


But then the ice breaks into shattered pieces of indescribable chaos. In one instant your world is tossed in waves of ups and downs, crashing like sounds of thunder.


Your mind cannot conceive of what just happened. Why didn't you see the storm coming? How did you drift so far? You begin to believe it was your fault for allowing yourself to drift and next time you will be more careful when a perceived storm will hit. Pretty soon you get real good at perceiving when the next storm will hit with the narcissist. You gear up but with all the mustering of emotional wit and bravery you buckle under their barrage of attacks.


Lightening strikes right into your heart as you hear their roars of berating accusations, insults, revilements, mocking and scolding. You mull over and over in your mind, "What can I do to prevent the next storm? What can I do to appease the storm? What can I do to solve this and make it all better?" You end up taking responsibility for the narcissist's evil behavior while forgetting your anchor at the dock. To leave your anchor at the dock is like giving up your identity, self worth and soul to someone who wants to tear your boat to pieces in the crashing waves.


Jesus is our ANCHOR!

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