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May 8, 2019


Saying no is more than just going grey rock, it is going grey rock with a hop, skip and jump in your step. It's where the loud mouth narc can't get to you and you continue in your happy state. Grey rock is neutrality without a voice. Dancing in your spirit, exuberating a joyful heart is a defined way of saying no to the narc's control over you.


No you will not bring me into a state of chaos, depression, despair, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, stress, emotional pain and agony. A video shows a "friend" that wants to use them for their own selfish reasons. They want you to be their Cinderella at their beck and call. I know a friend that can't say no and she ends up being Cinderella all the time while others go dance at the ball. Saying no means you get to dance at the ball without soot all over your face from the narcissist's of this world. When I share with her, she even says it's so hard for me to say no. When you can't say no, you make yourself invisible. You throw away your value and self worth because you care about what other people think. There is a time and place to say yes, but it is your choice to do so, not a forced response because you feel guilty. When we give of ourselves, it is out of love not guilt. If a person perpetually continues to say yes knowing it is to their determent, they abandon respect for themselves. How will others respect us if we don't respect ourselves. Those who don't respect us or our boundaries are not people we should associate with anyway, they are toxic people.

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