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May 21, 2019


The narcs purpose is to invalidate you. Their intent is to discredit and deprive you of your emotions, feelings, convictions and opinions. They want to leave you bankrupt in your soul...why? so you have nothing to withdraw from...only what they want to pour in. This is why they fight you to the end if you have an inkling to voice your opinions, feelings and share the emotional pain you've experienced.


The narc's whole purpose is to empty you of any residue left of your real self so they can pour all their toxic poison into your brain. They will twist any truth to suit their own selves to become distorted, corrupt, vile and unrecognizable for the pleasure of piling their guilt on you.


Everything with them is shock factor. It's a way of getting you off balance emotionally. Immediately you ask yourself how do I respond? My response will determine the outcome of my punishment. Everything is about punishing you for nothing you've done wrong. It solidifies their dictatorship and control especially if they can see you are buying into their scheme.


They are like walking lightening bolts ready to strike with big barks. I remember walking in our neighborhood and every time I would pass this one gate their dogs would yap and yap as loud as they could. With the sound of their barks you would think they were Rottweilers, but no...they were tiny dogs with big barks trying to scare you.



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