May 21, 2019


 The narcissist believes they are entitled to bombard you with their caustic plethora of words or by demonstrating rejection towards you with the silent treatment. But lo and behold if you were to do the same to them they would become a raging storm where you would never see the sun.



Their manipulation is to always be entitled to do and say whatever they want but you are not allowed any access to your thoughts, opinions, convictions, feelings or needs. So it’s ironic that you will always get minimized into a minuscule shell of a human being while they can be this massive ball of fury occupying every ounce of territory like a terrorist in your own home-- even continually within your thoughts.


They want you to paint a picture in your mind of this grandiose bully who always gets their way, controls your happiness, shuts down your joy, turns off and on your peace and is the sole purpose of your existence. You exist only for them, to abuse every ounce of your emotional well being. You are the delightful meal of obtaining their satisfaction like a lion to a prey.


Their evil soul existence is to devour your beautiful self because they are so ugly within. Darkness hates the light because it exposes the heart.


Was thinking more about invalidation...Invalidate you so they validate are guilty and they become guilt free. Narcs make themselves larger than life, take up your space to crowd you out until you are left in a corner with so much allotted air to breathe. They do this by their anger, accusations, provocations, attacks, drama scripting, playing the victim card, rude and obnoxious behavior, temper tantrums, creating isolation, triangulation, making you responsible for their contentment, guilt and blame transference.



They are like porcupines. Their spines stand up and wherever they go in your space (your mind and emotions) they want to prick you until you bleed. You can’t appease a porcupine when it is always in attack mode. Think possessed porcupine or just evil. It’s the larger than life role they play to shrink your world into a mass of sorrow, pain and agony so your world doesn’t get to play a part in their script except to be a perpetual Cinderella waiting at their feet.

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