May 21, 2019


There are two types of homes in a hurricane. One home is fully equipped for the coming storm. It has windows covered, the roof anchored, walls constructed to withstand any type of danger, the foundation fortified and unconquerable. Nothing has been left vulnerable to the outside elements. The narcissist can sneak up on you while you least expect them. They can come in like a whirlwind causing havoc and attempting wreckage. Not just physical damage but emotional.


The other type of home is where there has been neglect, possibly from such exhaustion after each storm. The windows are blown out (allowing the narc to get access to your mind), the door caved in (allowing the narc to get access to your heart), the foundation cracked (giving your all to the narc who will destroy you), the walls removed (boundaries), the roof blown off (giving permission to the narc to steal your identity and self worth). When storms come sometimes it's not possible to detect especially when the narc is playing their game in the sweet cycle. But we can always be prepared knowing our self worth, our value, our identity and our strength in knowing who we are. People make choices in believing liars such as the narc. This brings me to the can't trust a narc to tell the truth or do the right thing. This is where wisdom and discernment comes in, to see through their manipulations and be able to rise above them so your house still stands.

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